Love your lashes but not ready to move away from mascara?

Mascara isn’t the best thing on your eyelash extensions but if you must, keep this in mind to protect your eyelash investment.

  • Use an oil free mascara –  Using an oil free mascara will prolong the life of your lash extensions because excessive oils applied directly onto your extensions will harm its bond to your natural lash causing them to separate and fall out much sooner.  It is recommended to cleanse lash extensions frequently even from the daily oils on your skin and surrounding foundation.  This can be done by using an extension safe daily cleanser, such as BellaLASH cleanser that we sell at Glimpse LASH™.
  • Select a mascara that is not waterproof – The reason for this is that waterproof mascara can be a tedious task to remove.  You will need to scrub your lashes more vigorously to remove waterproof mascara.  The harder you have to rub your eyes to remove make up, the more damage you are causing.  Rubbing extensions can not only result in lashes falling out, but this can also cause damage to your natural lash.
  • Select a water based mascara – Water based mascara is best for lash extensions because the properties in the formula will not hinder the adhesives bond or weaken the integrity.  Water based mascaras are also beneficial for eyelash extensions because they will be easier to remove with cleanser, making it so less force is needed during removal.
  • Choose a mascara that has sealant in it – Selecting a mascara that has sealant in it will greatly increase the longevity of your lash extensions.  This will also assist with providing nourishment and keeping your extensions and natural lashes healthy.
  • Look for a mascara that has added nutrients – Having adding nutrients and vitamins in your mascara can provide phenomenal benefits such as keeping natural lashes strong and healthy.  The added vitamins can assist the overall growth and stimulation of lash follicles.
  • Other cosmetics? As a rule, anything oily around your eyelash extensions will eventually break down the bond of the adhesive which will cause your lashes to fall off.  We don’t want that so try to always use oil free cosmetics around your eyelashes. Oil free eyeliner, such as a cake eyeliner that you add water to.  Powder eye shadows work well close to the lashes.  There are also mascaras that are oil free that you can use on your bottom lashes.  We sell one here at Glimpse LASH from BellaLASH and Clinique has one called Bottom Lash Mascara™.