There are bigger things in life but…. it’s a sad day when you are told you can’t have eyelash extensions. 🙁

It happened again. A woman came in today for a lash consultation. She called earlier in the day and said that the lash studio she went to is no longer offering eyelash extensions and she is disappointed because she has been going there for 2 years and loves her lashes. We asked her to come in so we can look at her lashes and provide an assessment. This isn’t always necessary but knowing what we have seen with some very poor lash applications over the years we thought this might be a good place to start.
Unfortunately, when we looked at her lashes, we were shocked to see that there were huge gaps of natural lashes completely missing from her eyelids. The other natural lashes were thin short and very sparse. It would not be possible to get a lash to hold on to any of her lashes and for the sake of her lash health we could not in good faith apply lashes. We suggested that we completely remove the lash extensions she had on and allow her lashes to grow again. We also suggested she begin using a lash growth product such as Grande Lash which we sell for $65 for a 3-month supply.

There are so many good lash stylists out there but to make a good decision on where to get your lashes please do your research. Make sure that you understand the downfall of getting lashes from a stylist that does not have experience or has not been trained properly. Unfortunately, anyone can get 2 days of training online or at a lash session and then claim they are trained and then hang out a shingle and be in business. At Glimpse LASH® we train all our stylists and require a minimum of 200 hours in training experience before certification. We are often asked if clients should “take a break” from eyelash extensions. If your extensions are applied properly there is no reason why you can’t continue and keep your natural lashes healthy.

Natural lash health is our first rule here at Glimpse LASH. Yes, we’ve had to tell clients that we can’t put too heavy or too long of a lash on their natural lashes because it will cause stress to your natural lashes and can cause breakage. We’ve seen it and it’s not pretty. So, look around when you are thinking about eyelash extensions and ask good questions such as:
How long have you been in business doing lashes?
Are you trained and certified?
Can I come in and have a consultation with my stylist prior to my first lash appointment?

From there you should get a pretty good idea of who to choose.