By: Becca, Glimpse LASH® Stylist

Whether it’s your first time getting eyelash extensions or you’ve been getting eyelash extensions for years, making sure your lash studio is applying lash extensions safely is so important. Your lash health should be the number one priority to your lash artist. More importantly, they should be communicating with you regarding the state of your natural lashes over time. If lashes are being applied correctly, you should be able to continually receive extensions without needing to take a break due to lash health. 

How do you know if you are receiving quality lash extensions that won’t damage your natural lashes?

Listed below are the most common problems with poor lash extension application, along with its proper application explanation.

Problem #1: Extensions are glued to the eyelid.

Lash extensions should not be poking, rubbing, or coming into contact with the lash line for any reason. This can cause bacterial infection, and can also stunt natural lash growth. If extensions are glued directly on the skin, natural eyelashes are unable to grow and fall out naturally. Though it may seem like you have great retention, lash extensions should be shedding naturally with your natural eyelashes, to allow for new growth to come in. Lash extensions should be attached to the natural lash about 1 mm away from the lash line to ensure proper shedding and cleanliness.

How to determine if this may be your experience:

Do a quick check on yourself. Are your eyelids red, itchy, or inflamed? Do you feel your extensions when you open and close your eyes? If you notice any of these things on yourself, contact Glimpse LASH® to evaluate your lashes and to remove the problematic extensions immediately. 

Problem #2: Extensions are too long or too thick for the natural lashes.

  This is the most common problem we see when clients come from another studio. Lash extensions that are too long and too heavy will stress the natural lashes, causing them to break, bend, and potentially not grow back. Lash extensions for daily wear should be no longer than 1-2 mm longer than your natural eyelashes. For a special occasion, we recommend no longer than 3-4 mm longer than your natural lashes, and to return to 1-2mm longer after your event. This is key to maintaining healthy lashes for years to come. Compare wearing extensions to lifting weights. At first, holding a heavy weight may be pretty easy to handle. But after a while, that weight is harder to hold the longer you hold it up. The same goes for extensions. Natural lashes will also have a harder time holding heavy extensions over time. This is why Glimpse LASH® recommends that heavier lash extensions are only used for special occasions. 

How to determine if this may be your experience:

Can you feel your extensions when you open and close your eyes? Are you lashes uncomfortable? Can you see your extensions in your field of view when you open your eyes? Do your eyelashes frequently twist or flip around or tangle with one another? If you are experiencing any of these signs, contact Glimpse LASH® to evaluate your lashes and remove lashes that are too heavy or too long immediately. 

Problem #3: Lashes are stuck together.

Our natural eyelashes grow at different rates. Some grow faster than others, some fall out sooner than others. Every single eyelash is at a different stage of its life cycle than its neighbor. Because of this, it is so important that a single extension is glued to a single natural lash. Having two natural lashes glued to one extension can cause permanent lash loss and gaps over time due to premature shedding or breakage. 

How to determine if this may be your experience:

Do your lashes “catch” on your lash brush when you comb through them? Check your extensions when they fall off. Do you have more than one natural lash attached to the extension? Do you have gaps in your lashes where natural lashes don’t grow? If you notice these signs, contact Glimpse LASH® to evaluate your lashes and separate the lashes immediately. 

If you are searching for a quality lash studio in the Madison area, Glimpse LASH® cares first and foremost about the health and safety of your natural lashes. We are committed to providing you with safe lash extensions in a relaxing, professional environment. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation. 

-Becca, Glimpse Lash Artist