Featured in Wisconsin Real Estate

by Elisha Neubauer

For women who find applying mascara the bane of their existence, or for those who find they’ve smeared theirs halfway through the day by rubbing their eyes without realizing it- there’s hope. In today’s day and age, there is an easier way to get full, thick lashes without the use of heavy, clumping makeup products.

This is where businesses like Glimpse LASH of Madison, Wisconsin come into play. Glimpse LASH offers women the chance to skip the mascara tubes and still have an eye-worthy look. How? By providing semi-permanent eyelash extensions. These no-muss, no-fuss lashes are designed specifically to enhance your natural beauty, adding to what mother nature already planted on your beautiful, womanly eyelids.


Enhance your natural lashes with lash extensions.

“For women that have thin lashes and want more definition lash extensions are great,” Owner Angela Mikkelson exclaims. “Also, there is no need for mascara and this saves time and avoids the mess mascara can make at times.” Mikkelson states that they have women of all ages coming to their shop to join the lash extension trend. Lash extensions are great for women of any activity level, too. Regardless of whether you’re extremely active in sports or exercise, lash extensions are a clean, easy, no mess alternative to constant mascara applications.