My Lash Extension Experience – by Kelsie Kristine

*Disclaimer- I did receive my first set of lashes for free in exchange for an honest review. Any appointments after the first full set were paid for by me. All opinions are my own!

After the Vlogmas videos I got a few lash fills but then eventually took them off. I knew I wanted them for my wedding in Septemeber, so I planned on getting a full set the week of the wedding. The lashes looked great for the wedding, but right after, I lost a lot of lashes and they were almost gone the following week. I removed the rest myself and decided I wasn’t going to get them done again.

After thinking about it, I knew I wanted to have lash extensions for my honeymoon and had planned to keep them on from the wedding and just get a fill before my honeymoon, so I looked into a few other places to compare pricing and quality. I eventually found Glimpse Lash in Middleton, WI. I noticed their price was a bit more than what I was paying previously and their application time for the lashes was much longer than what I was used to. After reaching out and asking a few questions, I was convinced that I should give them a try.

Upon entering the salon, the place was very inviting and so cute! On my first visit, I was greeted by the owner, Angie. She is the sweetest! She had Alison, who was my technician, come out and ask me questions about how I typically like my lashes and explained the process and aftercare to me. This was very different than what I was informed at the other salon I had been going to, but it all made much more sense! You can tell their technicians are very professional and know what they’re doing!

lash extensions

A Full Set

A full set is what you get when you haven’t had any lashes on prior and are starting fresh. My first lash application took about 2 hours, stopping after about an hour to take a look at the lashes and see what my thoughts were. The chairs you sit in while getting your lashes done are super comfy, and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep a few times! 😉

I wanted a more natural look for the honeymoon and Alison definitely nailed it! They were perfect!

A Fill

I got a fill 2 weeks after the first set, and then another fill one week after that to add a little more length and volume to the lashes. A fill is about 1-1.5 hours and cost much less than a full set, since they are basically going in and filling any spots that need it or adding any volume or length as I did for mine.

As of today, I have not had any fills for just under 3 weeks and my lashes are still doing great! They still look fairly full. I am probably ready for a fill at this point, but I’ve been waiting to see how the lash extensions fall out and how it compares to the other salon I was going to. So far, they are falling out evenly and still look natural!

I tried to get before and after video footage of each time I went, but it was always dark every time I went other than this little clip below! I threw this together so you can get a good idea of what they looked like before my most recent fill to make them fuller and longer. These clips were from my Instagram stories. Follow me on Instagram for more updates as they are happening!

I did, however, do some of my Beauty Mix looks with these lashes on, as you can see below! These photos are not edited in any way and I have NO mascara on the top lashes whatsoever! The lashes look great and I get so many compliments on them! I would highly recommend trying out Glimpse Lash if you are in the Madison/Middleton, Wisconsin area!