Clean Lashes are Happy Lashes

Clean Lashes are Happy Lashes OK, let’s have a conversation about lash maintenance. :) Really, it’s not difficult and of all the eyelash extensions we see it’s the lashes that are clean that have the best retention. Think about this. We know that oil and products with oil in them are the kiss of death [...]

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Are you considering a career in the rapidly-growing field of eyelash extensions?

When Glimpse LASH® was just a glimpse of an idea several years ago eyelash extensions were more popular in larger metropolitan areas and now eyelash extensions are the fastest growing sector of the beauty business. Glimpse LASH® has the best reputation in the Madison area for offering a beautiful comfortable upscale environment, established, experienced and [...]

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Still think you need mascara?

Love your lashes but not ready to move away from mascara? Mascara isn’t the best thing on your eyelash extensions but if you must, keep this in mind to protect your eyelash investment. Use an oil free mascara –  Using an oil free mascara will prolong the life of your lash extensions because excessive oils applied directly [...]

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